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Things to Know About Anal Sex

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Sooner or later, no matter how much you like that pussy, you will want to explore other holes as well. Getting sucked off is great and there are a lot of girls that wish to do that and they all do it now and then. However, anal is another story and only several teen girls like to get it up the ass. You will need a lot of patience and a lot of persuasion to make it happen with your girlfriend if she is a virgin in that sense of the word. So, you better get ready to do it well or her first time may as well be her last shot at doing it with you. Start by watching the anal sex videos to get an idea of how it looks and feels and then get to work. Here are the things you should be clear about before trying such a thing.

Talk With Her

Don’t have butt sex as a surprise. That is the worst thing that you can do. Make sure that you talk about it before it happens and make sure that she is entirely cool with it. Don’t be vulgar about it because that will ruin your chances to dip your big cock in her butt. Explain it as a new experience that is intense and that will bring the two of you closer together. Talk about passion and not fucking it you should be fine. Watch your tone and your word choice. She wants to be treated nicely even if she is about to get your dick up her rear end.

Prepare Everything

You have to be careful about every detail. You will need condoms, lube & tissues just in case. Condoms should be there because she might not want you to do her without it, or if you decide to fuck her pussy after her ass. Then you need to be able to take it off without ruining the whole moment. Tissues are self-explanatory.

Work Your Way In

Don’t just try and stick it inside. It hurts. And that is not the fun kind of pain. That is a throbbing and awful pain that takes the sexy out of the whole situation. If you try it like that, she will not be willing to continue anything, let alone this sort of fucking. Forget about the easy ass fucks you see in porn videos. Getting it in will take a while. Massage the entrance with your fingers, or even tongue if you don’t mind. You have to lube it and work it to relax it. Once it is relaxed, go slowly inside for the first couple of slides. Increase it gradually.

Monitor Her Reactions

Watch her closely. You will have the ability to see if she is enjoying herself or if she is having some trouble. If she doesn’t like it, just stop and postpone the whole thing for some other occasion. Don’t ignore her pain at no cost. Be patient and everything will be fine.

Help Her With Her Orgasm

It is improbable that she will have the capability to reach orgasm anally during her anal debut. You have to help her with that. Use your other arm to stimulate her clitoris and you can also use a toy and play with her hot pussy. Not only that she will cum more easily but you will be competent to de-stress her in a far more efficient way, and that leaves you all ready for ass fucking.


Perhaps she is OK with you cumming inside her booty, perhaps she is not. Learn that before you do it. Also, no matter how gentle you were, her glory hole has some repairing to do. Make sure she gets some aftercare after she will get anal creampie. That includes thorough washing up and some soothing creme for her skin. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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